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Scientific Fact or Scientific Fake™

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Venomous and Poisonous Mean the Same Thing, Right?

A method of defense used by some bugs and insects is the ability to create and distribute toxins to hunt prey or fend off would-be predators. We often describe these organisms as venomous and poisonous interchangeably, but do these terms mean the same thing? Let’s find out in this month’s...

Science of Pests

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Must-Know Facts About Bed Bugs

Respondents to a 2014 Orkin survey said that bed bugs are one of their most feared pests. And for good reason – two in three pest control professionals say bed bug infestations are still on the rise, according to a 2015...

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The Schmidt Pain Index Ranks Insect Stings

If you were stung by a bee during your outdoor activities, how would you rank the pain? On a scale of one to ten? From bearable to extremely bad? No matter how you classify the feeling, everyone’s experience will be different. While the concept of pain and discomfort is subjective, the Schmidt...