Are All Rats Nocturnal?

Are All Rats Nocturnal?

All Rats Are Nocturnal: Fact

If you hear the sounds of scratching and tiny little feet scurrying across your kitchen floor while you sleep, it could be rats. But do these tiny foragers only come out in the middle of the night? Let’s find out in this month’s fact or fake.

It’s a fact that rats are nocturnal. They sleep about fifteen hours during the day and pop out at night in search of food. Rats are quite sneaky and crafty. They know that, due to their small size (and poor eyesight), it’s best to conduct their rat activities under the shroud of darkness to stay hidden from possible predators.

While rats are both near-sighted and color blind, their eyes are also extremely sensitive to light, allowing them to navigate their surroundings in total darkness. The whiskers that frame their face (and other body hairs) also assist them much like a blind person’s walking cane. As they nose around unknown areas, they’re able to “see” by moving their whiskers over the ground to form a detailed picture of their surroundings.

Yes, you may occasionally happen upon a rat during daylight hours. In these instances, it could be that the particular dwelling the rat inhabits is more active at night, making operating during that time more troublesome and stressful. In any instance, if you see a rat during the day or night, it’s time to contact your trusted Orkin technician for a complete inspection.

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