Do Cockroaches Only Thrive In Dirty Homes?

Do Cockroaches Only Thrive In Dirty Homes?

Cockroaches only like dirty homes: Myth

Cockroaches have a reputation as filthy pests that are often found in dirty places. Disheveled homes, dark alleys and garbage-laden areas are common breeding grounds for cockroaches, but are these the only conditions they thrive in? Let’s find out in this month’s fact or fake.

If we asked you to close your eyes and envision a cockroach crawling around on the floor, what kind of room would you imagine? Chances are, the above areas in squalor we mentioned would be the first to come to mind. But truth is, this isn’t always the case.

Cockroaches have been discovered in even the cleanest of homes. The main determining factor in cockroach’s ability to thrive is in the availability of a food source. So even if you keep your home tidy and free of filth, there’s still a chance for cockroaches to sniff out even the smallest food particle and open food source in your pantry.

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