Do Bugs Attack People on Purpose?

Do Bugs Attack People on Purpose?

Bugs Bite And Sting On Purpose: Myth

Bugs are inherently scary and with so many movies increasing their size to gigantic proportions and unleashing them on humanity, it’s easy to think they’re out to get us. Are bugs outfitted with claws, stingers and sharp jaws out for vengeance against the human race? Let’s find out in this month’s fact or fake.

Bugs like spiders, scorpions and praying mantises have fangs, stingers and claws to make them highly formidable predators, but they only reserve these weapons in hunting for smaller prey and to defend themselves, and humans aren’t on their menus. When insects like bees, hornets and wasps sting humans, it’s because they feel like they’re in danger or their home is being threatened. Some bees even die after stinging, so it’s highly unlikely they’d buzz off to attack a person without provocation. Despite what movies portray, neither group is on a mission to attack humans.

On the other hand, while parasitic bugs such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas and ticks do rely on humans to live, their actions don’t carry any malicious intent. To them, blood is a food source, so when they sink their “teeth” into you, although there’s no malicious intent, they carry potentially infectious diseases.

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