Why Are Most Insects Attracted To Light?

Why Are Most Insects Attracted To Light?

The dancing and partying starts for bugs and insects when homes start to illuminate exterior lights and the street lights turn on. Bugs and insects are drawn to these globes of artificial light like a science fiction tractor beam. Why? Let’s take a look!

For insects that operate at night, artificial light from street lights, exterior fixtures and even car headlamps are like an airport runway guiding them in closer and closer. These nocturnal insects naturally navigate their surroundings by the light of the moon, and they use the brightness and constant angle of the moon to chart their flight path.

When exterior lights get thrown into the mix, these insects’ internal navigation goes haywire, and they’re drawn to these artificial light sources, not the moon. The lights project on all sides, effectively canceling out the moonlight. Since insects can’t keep the light at a constant angle, they hover around the light aimlessly, unable to find a straight path forward.

While changing out lighting with yellow bulbs and lower watt LED options can reduce the number of insects around your home, if these pests become a bigger problem, contact your local Orkin professional for a free estimate and a customized plan that’s right for you.

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