Fruit Fly Infestation

Fertilized fruit flies lay their eggs on damaged or overripe fruit and are most common in the spring and summer. (Read more about the fruit fly life cycle. They are brought into the home on fruit and vegetables. Many species of fruit flies are small enough to pass through standard screens. They might also be seen flying in the home.

Sanitary efforts may be taken to prevent an infestation. Refrigerate and limit access to any fruit or vegetables within your home. Vigorously clean all food preparation areas, including counters and tabletops.

If these measures are taken and a fruit fly infestation does not die out within two to three weeks, it is likely that they have found another source within which to lay their eggs. Make sure that trash cans are clean and fitted with airtight lids. Search for areas likely to harbor fruit flies, such as cupboards, pantries and other food storage areas. Observe drains that may be coated with sticky debris. Bacteria-eating rinses may be employed to clean soiled drains.

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