Horsefly Bites

Signs and Symptoms of Bites

Horseflies are aggressive biters with scissor-like mouthparts they use to cut a painful wound into their host’s skin. Their bite causes bleeding and the horsefly laps up the blood, which is its food source. Typical bite symptoms include pain and soreness at the bite site and sometimes reddish bumps and itchiness around the bite wound. However, other victims of horsefly bites may show no symptoms except for pain as the horsefly bites. If not effectively treated with antibacterial medications, there is a possibility of secondary bacterial infection.

While infrequent, some people may develop an allergic reaction to horsefly bites. If this occurs, the symptoms will include a rash on other parts of the body and the person may develop hives, breathing problems, dizziness and weakness.

Always seek the advice and assistance of a physician if a horse fly bite becomes infected or symptoms become serious.