California Privacy Policy

This California Consumer Privacy Act Notice for California Consumers (“CCPA Privacy Notice”) supplements the Privacy Policy of Orkin, LLC and Orkin Services of California Inc. (“we,” “us,” and “our”) and applies solely to California consumers. The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) affords California consumers certain rights over their personal information (subject to certain exceptions). This CCPA Privacy Notice outlines those rights and explains how such rights may be exercised. This CCPA Privacy Notice also summarizes our data collection and sharing practices, as required by the CCPA. Terms used but not defined shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the CCPA. You may download a copy of this CCPA Privacy Notice here.

  1. Information is Covered by this CCPA Privacy Notice
    This CCPA Privacy Notice relates to our collection, use and disclosure of California consumers’ personal information. “Personal information” generally means information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household. For a list of the categories of personal information that we collect, please see section 7 (Summary of Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information) below.
  2. How We Collect Personal Information
    For a list of the categories of sources from which we may collect personal information, please see Section 7 (Summary of Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information) below.
  3. How We Use Personal Information?
    We may use your personal information for a variety of business and commercial purposes. “Business purpose” generally refers to the use of personal information for our operational purpose. “Commercial purpose” refers to when we use personal information to advance our commercial or economic interests including, for example, by encouraging others to purchase our products and services. For a more fulsome explanation of how we may use each category of personal information, please see section 7 (Summary of Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information) below.
  4. Who Do We Share Personal Information With?
    We may share your personal information with the third parties described below. For a more detailed summary of the categories of third parties we may share your personal information with, please see Section 7 (Summary of Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information) below.
    1. Service Providers. We may share your personal information with third parties who work on behalf of, or with, us such as vendors, processors, suppliers, agents and representatives (collectively, “Service Providers”). Service Providers assist us with a variety of functions including, but not limited to, sending out marketing communications, assisting with advertising and related analytics, conducting research or surveys, sending regular mail and e-mail, processing credit card payments, and administering contests, surveys or promotions.
    2. Affiliated Companies. We may share personal information among and between Rollins, Inc. and its global affiliates and subsidiaries. A list of such companies is available at
    3. Disclosures Under Special Circumstances. We may disclose your personal information to third parties: (i) where we have a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary to meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or other legal obligation; (ii) when we believe disclosure is necessary to protect or prevent harm or financial loss; or (iii) to detect, investigate and help prevent security, fraud or technical issues.
    4. Corporate Transactions. We may share information, including, without limitation, Personal Information, to any of our affiliates or a third party or successor in the event of any actual or potential reorganization, conversion, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or disposition of all or any portion of our ownership interest, business or operations (including, without limitation, in connection with bankruptcy or any similar proceedings), or assets.
  5. Do We Sell Personal Information?
    We do not sell personal information to third-parties. We also do not share any personal information with third-parties for the third-parties’ marketing purposes.
  6. Do We Collect the Personal Information of Children?
    We do not knowingly collect or store any personal information from anyone under the age of 16. If we become aware that we have collected or stored personal information from an individual under age 16, we will remove his or her personal information from our files. If you are a parent or guardian and believe we may have inadvertently collected personal information from your child, please notify us immediately by sending an email to
  7. Summary of Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information.
    The table below summarizes our collection and sharing practices relating to personal information, including with respect to personal information we have collected, used and disclosed in the preceding 12 months.

  8. Your CCPA Rights: Subject to certain exceptions, the CCPA affords you the following rights:
    1. Right to Know/Access Personal Information Collected, Disclosed, or Sold.
      You have the right to request that we disclose the following information for the 12-month period preceding your request:
      1. The categories of personal information that we have collected about that consumer;
      2. The categories of sources from which the personal information was collected;
      3. The business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling the personal information;
      4. The categories of third parties with whom we share the personal information; and/or
      5. The specific pieces of personal information we have collected about that consumer.
    2. Right to Request Deletion of Personal Information
      You have the right to request that we delete any personal information about the consumer that we have collected or that we maintain.
    3. Right to Not Be Discriminated Against
      You have the right not to receive discriminatory treatment from us for the exercise of the privacy rights conferred by CCPA and listed in this CCPA Privacy Notice.
  9. How to Exercise Your CCPA Rights
    1. Submitting a Request to Know or Request to Delete. You may submit a Request to Know or a Request to Delete by calling us at 866-462-8040 or by using this interactive webform. PLEASE NOTE THAT SUCH REQUESTS CAN ONLY BE MADE VIA THESE METHODS; CONSUMERS WHO MAKE REQUESTS TO BRANCHES OR TECHNICIANS WILL BE REDIRECTED TO SUBMIT A NEW REQUEST USING ONE OF THESE APPROVED METHODS.
    2. Verification Methods. Once you submit a request, we will verify that you are the consumer to which the request pertains by matching your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, and/or last date of service with information we maintain. Depending on the type of request you submit, we will attempt to match either two or three of these data points you provided. If we are unable to verify your request with the data points you provided, we may reach out to you for additional information to verify your request.
  10. How to Authorize an Agent to Exercise Your Rights
    You have the right to designate an authorized agent to exercise your CCPA rights. To designate an authorized agent, you must either provide the agent with an executed power of attorney or provide the authorized agent with written permission, signed by you, to exercise your CCPA rights. The agent must also be registered with the California Secretary of State.
  11. Individuals with Disabilities
    If you have a disability and need access to our CCPA Privacy Notice in a different format, please contact us at
  12. Contact Information
    If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies and practices, please contacts us at via email at
Last Updated Date: July 20, 2020