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Bakersfield Pest Pressure

Bakersfield, CA, regularly experiences warm springs and mild autumns, which creates the ideal environment for bees and other stinging insects like hornets and wasps. These pests often construct their nests in residential neighborhoods in such places as trees, gaps in house siding, on roof eaves, and even in the ground. While bees tend to be docile (removing rather than treating a honeybee colony should always be given first consideration), hornets and wasps readily attack anyone who gets too close to their hives. Sting sites are typically red and swollen for a day or so before the pain subsides. However, individuals with allergies may go into anaphylactic shock when stung, which can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Ants and bed bugs are also common pests in the Bakersfield area. Prominent species include many nuisance/house ants and carpenter ants. Nuisance/house ants nest in yards and then slip inside homes looking for food or a potential, readily available moisture source. Once they find some, the pests leave chemical trails for the other members of the colony, which causes homes to become overrun with infestations. Carpenter ants are structural pests because they burrow into wood to create nests and may weaken the structural framework of the home. Bed bug infestations can be found in mattress seams and headboards. These pests feed on the blood of sleeping people during the night, and while they don't transmit diseases, they sometimes leave behind itchy rashes on the skin.

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