If you're battling an unexpected infestation of creepy, crawly pests, turn to Orkin for Bakersfield pest control that gets results. We back up our services with over 120 years of experience, and our technicians receive extensive training to help target the kinds of pests specific to Bakersfield.

Local residents contend with a wide range of home-invading critters that can reproduce quickly once they've settled in. From ants and centipedes to rodents and cockroaches in Bakersfield, Orkin can handle all types of infestations to help restore the comfort of your home.

Though often associated with filth, cockroaches can invade any home, looking for food, water, and shelter. As they move through your living spaces, they can spread germs and harmful bacteria that can make you and your family ill. Similarly, rats and mice can spread disease, but they're also destructive chewers that can gnaw through walls, wires, and belongings. Luckily, our professional technicians have the expertise, know-how, and training to assess your situation and help fortify your home against everything from scorpions and mosquitoes to stinging pests and spiders in Bakersfield. Count on Orkin to deliver top-of-the-line pest control service in Bakersfield. Our research-backed techniques help manage the threats posed by unwelcome creatures in your home.

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage every year in American homes. Several species of termites exist in Bakersfield, so it's essential to find reliable help to tackle a termite presence, considering any wood components of your home can become a feast for a termite colony. Fortunately, Bakersfield termite control from Orkin is available to offer unmatched support when faced with these voracious insects.

Our termite inspectors begin with a careful investigation of your home using state-of the art equipment such as infrared thermometers and moisture meters. We then create a tailored plan to treat the infestation and help prevent further colony growth. From liquid barrier sprays and termite bait to foam treatments that block points of entry, our technicians may perform a range of Bakersfield termite treatments for comprehensive coverage.

Bed bugs can not only ruin a good night's sleep, but their bites can leave behind red, itchy bumps that result in rashes and even skin infections. What's worse is that trying to get rid of bed bugs in Bakersfield on your own is incredibly difficult because these bugs are experts at hiding.

It's critical to seek professional help for Bakersfield bed bug treatment, and our Orkin technicians offer expert insight into finding these elusive critters, helping provide thorough bed bug control in your Bakersfield home.

If your home has been overrun by pests, don't suffer in silence. Orkin's Bakersfield home pest control helps protect your family and property from dangerous little visitors, so give us a call, and we'll provide prompt service to zero in on the source of your pest issues.

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