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Fremont Pest Pressure

Ant and fly infestations are common in Fremont, CA. Species of ants such as odorous house and Argentine ants bother homeowners by foraging in kitchens for sweets and fatty, oily foods. Argentine ants are also capable of property damage, as they sometimes get under baseboards or carpets and can even disrupt electrical systems. Imported red fire ants are common in Fremont, as well. These pests are physically threatening to humans because their bites are very painful. Allergic reactions to imported red fire ant bites can be serious, if not life-threatening.

Flies are annoying because they gather in public spaces, backyards, and inside Fremont homes. These pests feed on decaying plant and animal matter often found in trash cans or kitchens. They gain access to buildings through open windows and doors, slits in window screens, and holes in siding and roofing. Once inside, flies contaminate food with harmful bacteria and spread other diseases linked to food poisoning. Depending on the species, they may also be capable of biting.