Located in a valley near the ocean, Fresno is a hot spot for pests that like warm, damp environments. Whether they’re harmful to humans or are mere nuisances, no one wants to share living quarters with insects and rodents. Luckily, Orkin’s pest control service in Fresno can help make your home safer and more pleasant by helping manage your unwelcome intruders.

The most abundant pest in the Fresno area is the cockroach, followed closely by ants. Both crawling insects like to hang out in the kitchen, where food is located. They can contaminate your pantry and dishes with their dirty feet and leave bacteria-filled saliva and feces across countertops and in cupboards. Cockroach casings and dead carcasses can even trigger or aggravate asthma. Unfortunately, over-the-counter deterrents can be insufficient to get rid of these obnoxious insects.

Rodents, like mice and rats, can chew their way into your home, living in walls and ceilings and posing health hazards to your family. Even homes with few apparent entrance routes are vulnerable, as these small vermin can fit through tiny cracks and the tightest door frames. However, we’ve seen it all before, and Orkin's home pest control in Fresno uses proven science-based methods to help protect you and your family. Our professional technicians can investigate and treat problem areas to help rid your Fresno home of these pests and help fortify it against future invasions.

Crickets are noisy, annoying creatures that invade your home with sound, but like all insects, they can carry bacteria around with them as they serenade their future mates. Orkin technicians are familiar with the behaviors and habits of these and other nuisance pests, and our targeted approach gives you a better chance at a good night's sleep.

Stinging or biting pests like mosquitoes and ticks generally live outside but can make their way into your home and zero in on your family and pets. Orkin can help protect you and your loved ones against the diseases these mosquitoes transmit, such as Lyme and Equine Encephalitis, or viruses like West Nile and Zika. Our technicians perform Fresno pest control services around your home that can help enhance the enjoyment of your personal space.

While the pests above can be nuisances or hazards, termites are in a class by themselves. They’re difficult to detect and do much of their damage inside walls and beams. This destructive chewing can literally bring the house down if left unchecked. Signs of termites include piles of sawdust near wooden doors and window frames and in basements and attics. Without termite treatment at your Fresno home, you may be at risk of spending thousands of dollars for repairs or reconstruction. Orkin’s customized termite control for Fresno homes begins with inspection and reporting by our friendly, knowledgeable inspectors, with tailored treatment and follow-up to provide the best chance of fortifying your home against termites. At the first sign of termite trouble, contact Orkin immediately and try to get ahead of their incessant chewing.

For more information about our pest control services in Fresno, contact us today.

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