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The weather in Long Beach is so pleasant year-round that pests love to live there as much as humans. But rain or shine, when it comes to the fight against insects and rodents, Orkin's Long Beach home pest control is second to none.

Orkin's home pest control history began in 1901, when Otto Orkin visited folks in his neighborhood, selling rat poison to help people get rid of the vermin that had invaded their homes. Like young Otto, Orkin technicians today provide excellent pest control service in Long Beach because they know how rodents and pests think. You want an expert with that kind of know-how when it comes to getting rid of unwanted creatures. Contact Orkin to learn more about our effective Long Beach pest control methods.

There are hundreds of varieties of pests native to Long Beach. With cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents (mice/rats), centipedes, scorpions, stinging pests, ticks, spiders, and bed bugs on the loose, it's very likely that you will have a few species grace your doorstep.

Cockroaches often travel into homes from other places, eating whatever food or organic matter they find and leaving bacteria-filled droppings in their tracks. Ants extend invitations to other ants via pheromones, potentially causing an ant invasion that can lead to colony creation in your home's walls.

Termites are, by definition, the invisible enemy. Many times, homeowners are unaware that their home harbors termites for months, or even years. Since a large colony of termites can consume 12 inches of a thick beam in less than six months, the sooner you know, the sooner you can start termite treatment in Long Beach. Orkin inspectors can identify a termite infestation in your home and stop the destructive bugs in their tracks, helping to rid your home of these gluttonous gobblers. Orkin's termite control in Long Beach prescribes methods such as point-of-entry blockage and spray deterrents, helping ensure that termites don't come crawling back.

Bed bugs are slightly more visible but just as unwelcome. It only takes a few nasty bites to know you've been invaded by these little bloodsuckers. It's difficult to get rid of bed bugs in Long Beach — if you miss just a few, you risk another bed bug infestation. To achieve true bed bug control in Long Beach, you may need professional assistance. Orkin can help get the insidious creatures out of your home with proven effective Long Beach bed bug treatment. Once a bed bug infestation is confirmed, Orkin will recommend a plan of action to target the bed bugs and our technicians will help ensure that they’re nothing but a memory.

With so many potential tiny but damaging Long Beach home invaders, it's important to have skilled technicians on your side. Contact Orkin today to find out more about our many pest control solutions.

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