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The sunny, dry Southern Californian climate attracts plenty of new residents each year, and Riverside is no exception. Riverside also draws in all sorts of pests that love this region just as much. With over 120 years of experience in the pest management business, Orkin is proud to provide Riverside home pest control to help make your home-owning experience a healthy and enjoyable one.

One of the biggest pest nuisances in Riverside is the dreaded cockroach. Not only are these creepy crawlers icky looking, but, they may also be a big health hazard. Cockroaches are notoriously dirty creatures that can bring dangerous bacteria into your home. These bacteria may cause foodborne illness, and cockroach casings can act as an asthma trigger. Orkin's Riverside pest control targets active cockroach areas to help protect your home and keep these nasty critters away.

Furthermore, our technicians know how to handle the other big pests in the Riverside area, including ants, mosquitoes, stinging pests, scorpions, ticks, centipedes, and spiders. The consequences of these pests in homes vary from simple annoyance to property destruction and even severe health hazards. For instance, mosquitoes have been known to carry such serious diseases as the West Nile, Zika, and Dengue viruses, making them one of the more dangerous flying pests. Bites and stings from other critters, like spiders, centipedes, and ticks, can also lead to various allergic reactions, diseases, and infections. Fortunately, our Orkin technicians use a combination of expertise and scientifically tested methods when performing Riverside pest control services to help manage the most common pest problems.

By far, one of the most infamous pests is the termite. Termites are known to cause a substantial amount of money in property damage, eating through wood and other cellulose materials found in crawlspaces, attics, and basements. Orkin has spent decades studying these critters and devising state-of-the-art Riverside termite control services, including detailed inspections, prescribed liquid treatments, dry foam, and monitoring. As a result, we provide effective termite treatment for your Riverside home that may help save you from enormous financial costs in the long-term.

Another notorious pest across Southern California is the bed bug. Leaving itchy, red bumps on everyone they bite, bed bugs are not only painful; they can also disrupt your quality of sleep and overall well-being in your home. While bed bugs are typically difficult to find, Orkin knows just where to look and how to incorporate the right Riverside bed bug treatment. To get rid of bed bugs in your Riverside home, Orkin technicians target the affected areas of your house and help implement the perfect plan for managing the issue afterward. We help make Riverside bed bug control an easy and efficient process.

Whatever your pest control needs may be in Riverside, we're available to provide a wide variety of treatments to help you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do.

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