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Nuisance Pests

The gorgeous landscapes of San Luis Obispo, CA, draw new residents to the city every year. Rainy winters and hot summers also attract a number of pests to both lawns and homes. Some of these nuisances include:


These pests hibernate in soil during cool winter months. Heavy rainfall in San Luis Obispo draws earwigs to the surface in search of moisture. Waves of the pests can overrun gardens or disturb residents when they wander into houses. An earwig might attempt to bite or use its pincers, but its bite is rarely capable of breaking the skin and is not venomous.


Crickets are another insect attracted to heat and rain in California. The pests damage vegetable gardens and invade homes. While a cricket is harmless to humans, populations in and around houses can keep San Luis Obispo homeowners awake for hours with late-night chirping.


Millipedes prefer to live in moist leaf litter and rotting wood, though they also creep into damp California garages and basements. Indoors, the pests' many legs, strange movements, and large numbers unsettle residents. A millipede can't live long in the house, so dead pests pile up quickly, creating a mess and attracting other insects.

Dry Weather Pests

While San Luis Obispo has a number of problem pests due to rainfall, summer heat and droughts bring these species to the area:


Drawn to arid climates, scorpions feed on a wide variety of insects. When prey becomes scarce or outdoor living conditions become problematic, the pests may invade San Luis Obispo homes to find food and a more hospitable living environment. Their curved stingers inspire fear in many people. Most scorpion stings have the same side effects as wasp stings and are rarely fatal.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug populations thrive where warmth is available and there are people around. California residents often pick up these pests in infested hotels or public places and may bring them home. In homes, bed bugs multiply rapidly, depositing their eggs in mattress seams, seams of bed frames, floor cracks, and almost anywhere a gap or crack occurs. The pests bite people and consume the host’s blood; usually bed bug control requires the expertise of a professional pest management specialist.

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San Luis Obispo, California
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