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Colorado Springs Pest Pressure

The population of Colorado Springs, CO, encounters various ants and stinging insects throughout the year. A few of the common ant species in the area include field, pavement, and carpenter ants. While most of these pests enter homes in search of food, carpenter ants can also damage the structure of houses by building nests in wood. Also found locally, yellow jackets and paper wasps create hives in roof eaves, downspouts, decks, and lawns. These pests aggressively defend their nests with stings that can be both painful and dangerous, especially for people with allergies.

Colorado Springs residents must also regularly contend with cockroaches and bed bugs. Cockroaches are normally found in unsanitary conditions and therefore contribute to the spread of numerous diseases. Favoring warmth and moisture, these pests can be found in and around kitchen sinks and appliances, as well as in bathrooms. Finally, bed bugs are traveling parasitic pests that can leave itchy, red bumps on the skin when they bite to feed on their host’s blood. They can hide in the seams of mattresses, furniture, second-hand clothing, and even luggage.

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