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Gainesville Pest Pressure

Nuisance Pests
Gainesville, FL, sees heavy rainfall in summer and the potential for cold weather in winter. Nuisance insects are common year-round and many factors can bring them inside. Along with temperature and shelter, food scraps and refuse may attract the following pests to a home:

American Cockroaches
These pests are scavengers with varied diets. An American cockroach often hides in warm areas, such as drains in kitchens and bathrooms, where it can find food waste and moisture. In Florida’s climate, limiting the humidity that attracts these insects can be hard. Once inside, they spread harmful bacteria.

Green Bottle Flies
A green bottle fly lays its eggs in feces or garbage. In Gainesville homes, large numbers of the pests may take advantage of a dead animal in a wall void or trash to breed. Like cockroaches, these insects can transfer germs to food and surfaces. Outside green bottle flies frequently are found laying their eggs of pet feces.

Occasional Pests
While some species find their ideal living conditions in Gainesville houses, others are mostly outdoor pests that can wander indoors. Occasional invaders in Florida include:

Earwigs may enter buildings looking for shelter or moisture. Abundant in mulch beds and grass clippings, they sometimes crawl inside through foundation cracks or other gaps around doors and windows. Residents can even bring the pests in by accident on garden produce or potted plants. An earwig may sometimes release a foul odor or pinch if handled.

House Centipedes
A house centipede issue often results from a large number of ants, flies, and other prey insects indoors. These predators simply follow their food inside and take up residence in damp Gainesville bathrooms and basements. Though they don’t damage homes and rarely bite, the pest’s appearance may frighten some people.

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