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Homestead is a hot spot for termite activity. In fact, Southern Florida is one of the most heavily concentrated termite zones in the country. These pests can thrive in moist, humid climates, which makes the area a paradise for the small, wood-eating pests. Termites can live underground or in the walls of a home, which makes them difficult to detect by the untrained eye. However, an infestation sometimes can be identified by their droppings, which resemble small wood pellets, mud tubes on exterior surfaces, and shed wings near entry points of a structure. Homeowners should remove excess brush around their property and eliminate moisture leaks around the home to help keep termites at bay. If a presence of termites is suspected, residents should leave treatment to a licensed professional.

Another pest typically found in Homestead is the cockroach. Like termites, these unsightly pests are drawn to moisture and can be found hiding out in kitchens or bathrooms where moisture is present. While these pests may not cause as much monetary damage as termites, cockroaches can pose a threat to human health. They can worsen allergies and trigger respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Keeping a clean home is key when working to help prevent the pest. And although cockroaches may not be commonly spotted, pest control experts can help treat an infestation.

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