Jacksonville is Florida’s fourth largest and most heavily populated city. Its warm, humid location on the banks of the St. John River and adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean make it a perfect environment for pests. Luckily, Jacksonville pest control service from Orkin can help with all the tiny invaders in your home.

Anywhere you find a large human population, you’re likely to encounter cockroaches. They invade your home, tracking in whatever dirt and grime they've traveled through. Aside from making your skin crawl, they can carry foodborne illnesses and aggravate asthma symptoms. DIY products typically found in hardware stores may not be effective, and their results often don't last. That’s why you need Orkin; we offer pest control in Jacksonville backed by over 120 years of industry experience.

When you trust Orkin to tackle an infestation, highly trained, professional technicians will visit your home to determine the extent of your insect problem and take steps to help rid your home of pesky critters. Identification of entry points and application of physical barriers, such as screens and foams, help keep bugs out. Treatment of existing nesting and breeding places and removal of adult insects is critical to success. We use the latest science-based technology and products in our Jacksonville home pest control programs to help fortify your home year-round.

Ants, silverfish, biting insects, and spiders don’t have a chance to re-colonize your home when Orkin is on the job. The same is true of annoying crickets, which are harmless but can be maddening when in or close by the house. Outside, mosquitoes and ticks that carry illnesses, such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Lyme disease, and Zika virus, can lurk in the grasses, breed in birdbaths, and rest throughout the vegetation around your home. Identifying where they congregate and applying the right pest control treatment in Jacksonville can help minimize their presence and reclaim relaxing patio and yard spaces.

Termites don’t often directly bother humans because they’re seldom seen. They chew your house quietly, and they’re only interested in the doors, window frames, and other wood and cellulose materials they find. Until you come upon a spot that they’ve been working on for a while, you'd probably never know they were there. Termites can do thousands of dollars of damage, so when you notice any signs of termite activity, contact Orkin for Jacksonville termite control services immediately. Our termite inspectors perform a thorough scan of your home and prescribe proven steps to target any active colonies and help keep them from returning. Jacksonville termite treatments may include the use of foams, baits, and liquid solutions applied according to a plan customized for your home and property.

When pests are bugging you in your Jacksonville home, don’t hesitate — contact Orkin for solutions.

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