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11200 Saint Johns Industrial Pkwy S
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: (877) 250-1652
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Whether you’re using Orkin for the first time or as a recurring customer, you’ll receive the same great customized protection for your pest control needs. All of our local branches understand the needs specific to their area and offer the same great Orkin Guarantee — if pests return between scheduled visits, your Orkin Man will return at no extra charge.

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John Gay

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Top Pests in Jacksonville, FL

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  1. Occasional Invaders
  2. Termite
  3. Roaches
  4. Mosquito
  5. Rodent
  6. Spider
  7. Ant - Carpenter
  8. Flea
  9. Bed Bug
  10. Stinger

Branch Manager

John Gay

Branch #234

11200 Saint Johns Industrial Pkwy S
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (904) 645-6813

Orkin serves the following communities near Jacksonville:

Middleburg, Saint Johns, Orange Park, Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Yulee, Ponte Vedra, Callahan, Keystone Heights, Saint Augustine, Hilliard, Neptune Beach, Hastings, Elkton, Bryceville, Penney Farms, Lake Geneva, Doctors Inlet.

Jacksonville Pest Pressure

Pet Pests
Jacksonville, FL, homeowners with pets should be on the alert about certain parasites that thrive in the area, such as:

American Dog Ticks
This tick species is responsible for the transfer of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other illnesses. While they mostly bite dogs or come indoors on rodents, these pests may also feed on humans if hosts are scarce. Yards, fields, and hiking trails with tall grass are prime places to pick up ticks.

Fleas consume the blood of warm-bodied mammals, including cats, dogs, and people. Homeowners may find these pests on furniture and other places where pets sleep or living on the animals themselves. Flea infestations are most common in warm parts of the country, making them a problem in Florida.

Common Fall Pests
Located in the northern part of the state, Jacksonville deals with colder weather than many other large Florida cities. Falling temperatures drive insects inside looking for shelter, including:

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs
This stink bug species overwinters in houses to survive cold weather. The pests get inside through openings like gaps under doors, windows, siding and foundation cracks, making it tough to keep them out. While the pests don’t bite or sting, they do emit an unpleasant odor when crushed and create a nuisance by their flying around inside.

Asian Lady Beetles
These insects rest in large groups on light-colored walls exposed to sunlight. An Asian lady beetle isn’t dangerous, but swarms of the pests on ceilings, lights, drapes, and windowsills are annoying to Jacksonville residents. When disturbed, the insects may release a foul-smelling liquid.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

I wish to commend the Orkin Man for his kind help and, especially, thoroughness and initiative. He did my termite reinspection and found an enormously expensive hot water leak. He kept calling my office until I returned from vacation to inform me of this. I must say that this is service with an extra plus.
Jacksonville, Florida