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Our St Petersburg Area Services

Pest control can take many forms, and for us, it's always about helping to protect your home and business. Choose a service to learn more.

Saint Petersburg Pest Pressure

Indoor Pests

Residents of St. Petersburg, FL, enjoy warm weather next to the ocean, a climate ideal for many pests. Some of these insects regularly find their way indoors, including:


Since cold climates slow their breeding, earwigs multiply rapidly in the warmth and humidity of St. Petersburg. This common garden pest makes its way into homes through gaps in the home’s exterior, open doors, or on garden plants. Homeowners may find an earwig almost anywhere, including in shoes, under couch cushions, and inside sinks and tubs.

American Cockroaches

Sometimes called the palmetto bug locally, the American cockroach is a nuisance to Florida residents. These scavengers do well in moist, damp areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, but also live outside. Cockroaches can also pose health risks when they taint food and surfaces with their waste.

Biting & Stinging Pests

St. Petersburg is a popular vacation destination. Buildings like hotels and condos provide shelter and a source of food for biting and stinging pests. Of particular concern are a few venomous species:

Southern Black Widows

This pest lives in sheltered areas around a home and enjoys the Florida warmth. The southern black widow is a small, black spider notable for the red hourglass shape on its abdomen, the underside part of the spider. Because these arachnids produce potent venom, those bitten should seek treatment.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are unfazed by St. Petersburg’s canals or periodic flooding. Since first introduced to the area, the pests have created unsightly mounds in yards across the city. These pests defend their colonies by aggressively stinging and biting. Attacks leave itchy bumps on victims’ skin.

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