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Common Pests in Tampa, FL

Orkin's home pest control technicians can take care of nuisances local to Tampa and FL, including cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents like rats and mice, plus stinging pests like hornets and wasps.


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Pest Control

More on pests in your area

More often than not, Floridians complain about pest issues at home. After all, Florida is one of the most humid areas in the United States, and one of the many reasons why reliable pest control in Tampa is so important. Would you want your perfect dinner to be ruined by some pesky cockroaches? Nobody would, and that's why Orkin's Tampa pest control service is here to help.

For over 120 years, we have helped local customers get rid of pests, termites, and bed bugs. If you need help with pest problems in Tampa, contact Orkin to find out more.

Common offenders such as cockroaches and ants may come to mind when you hear the word "pest," but they aren't your only worries. Mosquitoes are also a big problem during Floridian summers, not to mention mice and rats that can eat through your food reserves.

This never-ending list of Florida pests that includes crickets, silverfish, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders is not something you have to put up with. So how does Orkin deal with them?

First, we identify what kind of bugs are present in your home. With this information at hand, we can determine the best course of action. Usually, that means isolating any gaps and treating the perimeter of your house with the appropriate materials.

For instance, if mosquitoes have established a holding on your property, we use a combination of treatments to break their life cycle and prevent larvae from becoming adults. Mosquitoes can carry many life-threatening diseases, such as West Nile virus, so don't let a small problem become a big one.

Our Pros can install pest monitors around the most important areas of your house, including kitchens, garages, and baths. You'll also receive a detailed report of the procedures performed and recommendations on how to help keep your home clear of unwanted intruders.

Orkin understands the value of knowledge, which is why our Pros undergo rigorous training. Our Pros can go through a simulated environment that helps hone their real-world bug management skills.

We take great pride in our work, and we love seeing the fruits of our labor. If you suspect a pest invasion at your property, contact us today to learn more about our Tampa home pest control services.

Termites can be a logistical catastrophe for homeowners, as not only are they small and sneaky, but they can also cause damage to the structural integrity of buildings.

Luckily, Orkin specializes in termite control in Tampa. Our inspectors use infrared thermometers to assess the moisture level of your home along with termite detection systems that help us identify where the bugs are hiding. We then create a customized plan to target any existing termite presence and help protect your home from future problems.

Orkin termite inspectors use foam to seal off small crevices and other entry points, and they apply liquid termite treatment in Tampa to create a barrier and ward off invasions.

If you or your loved ones are waking up with itchy bumps or a burning rash, rely on Orkin to help you get rid of bed bugs in your Tampa home. Bed bug control is imperative to a good night's sleep and peace of mind. Our Orkin Pros look over your beds, but they also know to check furniture, rugs, and other potential hiding spots. Our Tampa bed bug treatment targets mature adult bugs as well as eggs and larvae to ensure a thorough job. Contact us today if you suspect a pest, termite, or bed bug issue.

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