Pests are a problem everywhere, and it’s no different for Columbus. No matter how clean your home is or what part of the city you live in, pests can often find their way inside. Fortunately, Orkin's home pest control in Columbus can help get rid of pests and fortify your home against future invasions.

Our qualified Columbus pest control service technicians can examine your home to see what types of pests have moved in. They can identify hundreds of different species and help devise a plan that's customized to your unique needs. It’s important to call for professional help from Orkin to handle pests so we can help evict these tiny, unwanted tenants.

Most people consider cockroaches some of the worst pests to deal with. They often get into cabinets and pantries and run across floors and counters where they can leave behind droppings and spread germs. They can make nests behind furniture, in walls, under appliances, and potentially anywhere that is dark and secluded in your Columbus home. A Columbus pest control expert from Orkin can help manage an infestation and target hidden nesting and breeding areas.

Mosquitoes are another serious problem that many people in Columbus deal with, and they can be a real nuisance when you're trying to enjoy your time outside. What's worse is they may even spread disease and cause serious illnesses. Luckily, Orkin's mosquito treatments can help remove the adult insects, eggs, and larvae while also addressing any potential areas that are ideal for breeding.

Termites are small insects that can cause large-scale damage. They chew at wood and can eventually cause problems with the structure of your home. You may not even notice the termites until their destruction becomes evident. Orkin's Columbus termite treatment can handle active colonies and help prevent them from causing further damage. By implementing advanced termite management measures, such as specialized prescribed sprays, baits, and foams, our Columbus termite control can help fortify your home against these critters now and in the future.

Bed bugs spread quickly and easily, so if you suspect a problem, contact Orkin for bed bug control in Columbus straight away. You can pick up bed bugs from a hotel, bus seat, movie theater, or another person’s home and unknowingly bring them into your living spaces. These little bugs are hard to spot, and they feast on your blood while you sleep.

Columbus bed bug treatments from Orkin are effective in managing these troublesome pests by locating sneaky adult insects and helping ensure their eggs and larvae do not thrive. Trust Orkin to get rid of bed bugs in Columbus and help you regain some peace of mind.

If you have a pest problem in your Columbus home, call Orkin for help. We offer a range of services that can help remove insects from inside and around your home. No matter what kind of pest is disrupting your home life, we can take care of it. Give us a call to learn more about our pest control offerings.

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