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Residents of Macon, GA, experience some unique pest issues. Specifically, they must deal with infestations of kudzu bugs. These pests gather in attics and under house siding to overwinter. They overwhelm homeowners with their numbers, stain walls and furniture with their secretions, and can even cause skin irritation. A more common pest, termites are also drawn to the moisture and humidity in the area. They tunnel into and eat the wooden support beams of homes and weaken the structural framework. Large enough infestations can cause houses to collapse.

Parasites like bed bugs and ticks are also found in Macon. Bed bugs are often unknowingly brought home from infested hotels and then hide out in bedrooms. They feed while you sleep, which can cause skin irritation and psychological distress. Ticks wait in tall grasses for hosts to walk by and then latch onto them. While feeding, these pests are capable of spreading Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

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