We know you work hard to keep your Macon home safe, sturdy, and beautiful, and pests certainly aren't part of that equation. Luckily, Orkin is here to help provide reliable Macon pest control services. Central Georgia has its fair share of pests, and our science-based treatments can help you defend your home against insects and rodents.

Macon's year-round mild weather and temperatures are ideal conditions for cockroaches. Not only are these bugs unpleasant to look at, but they might carry foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella and E. coli. Without a detailed Macon home pest control plan, roaches can potentially put your entire family's health at risk.

Ants are also a common problem throughout Georgia, and during our steamy summers, you can often find these insects crawling into the smallest areas of your home and creating space in your walls. If left untreated, ant colonies can thrive for months or even years, and certain species can compromise your home's structural integrity. Orkin delivers effective Macon pest control by using tried and true methods that mitigate pest problems and help prevent insects such as mosquitoes, crickets, and silverfish from taking over your home.

By the time you see evidence of termites, you've likely already got a problem with these determined wood-eaters. The best way to defend your home against termites is to stay a step ahead of them by calling Orkin for Macon termite control services. Our inspectors can help determine if you have a termite problem, find a solution if termites are present, and let you know what you can do to limit your risk of a future infestation.

If our inspectors do find an infestation in your home, we've got the knowledge and experience to help address the termite activity and damage from the colony. Our Macon termite treatment plan includes proven science-backed solutions, such as prescribed foams, liquids, and bait traps, designed to go after the colony and help prevent it from causing further damage.

Bed bugs can find their way into homes through clothing or luggage, and if they do, they'll make their presence known by leaving itchy red welts on your skin while you sleep. If you want to get rid of bed bugs in your Macon home, call Orkin immediately for assistance. Unlike DIY products, which can miss hidden bed bugs, our Macon bed bug treatment can help rid your home of these pests and keep them from making a reappearance.

When it comes to Macon bed bug control, Orkin doesn't stop at just targeting the visible adult bed bugs. We know how quickly bed bugs can multiply once larvae mature and the eggs hatch, so we target the entire infestation wherever it might be lurking. Our team knows how to help find bed bug hiding places, so not a single critter is left to reproduce and continue to feed on your family.

Contact Orkin today to learn more about our pest control services.

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