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Newnan Pest Pressure

The warm temperatures in Newnan, GA, attract parasitic pests like ticks and bed bugs. Ticks can be found in forested areas and fields with tall grass. They invade homes by clinging to unsuspecting hosts and then detaching once indoors. When they feed, they sometimes transmit diseases, particularly Lyme disease, to their victims. Bed bugs also feed on blood. They hide in mattress seams and headboards during the day and emerge at night. The pests don't spread diseases, but they do leave behind rashes on the skin and can inflict psychological trauma.

Rodents are also common in the Newnan area. Rats and mice sneak into homes through small holes in building exteriors, broken window screens, and the openings around utility pipes. Once inside, these pests create unsanitary living conditions for residents. They contaminate food by urinating and defecating everywhere. Additionally, rats and mice gnaw on electrical wiring, which puts homes at increased risk of catching fire, and carry many diseases, including leptospirosis and salmonellosis.

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