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Savannah Pest Pressure

The city of Savannah, GA, sits along a river and often experiences high levels of humidity. Given the moist climate, pests like mosquitoes inhabit the area in abundance. They breed in standing water and buzz around neighborhoods looking for food. Since female mosquitoes feed on people's blood, residents are put at health risk wherever the biting insects are present. In addition to leaving itchy welts on the skin, mosquito bites can spread diseases such as West Nile virus.

Fire ants are another common pest in Savannah. Fire ant colonies flourish in the summer and construct intricate tunnels and mounds on lawns. If their nests are disturbed, the pests become aggressive and sting repeatedly. Because of the venom they inject, fire ant stings cause blistering and intense pain. Wasps and hornets are also drawn to Savannah by the warm weather. Like fire ants, they will aggressively defend their nests and sting individuals who get too close.

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