If you have a household pest problem that's only getting worse, rely on Orkin to help deliver professional pest control service in Boise. Our quality is backed by over 120 years of experience, and we offer the expertise of technicians who've received tens of hours of specialized education and training. Orkin inspectors are ready to investigate your home's infestation problems and provide a customized, effective treatment plan.

There's no such thing as too early when it comes to fighting off newly arrived critter invasions. Call us today for home pest control in Boise before any unwelcome visitors get too comfortable.

Like many cities in the United States, Boise is home to numerous types of invasive pests. Many of them can cause property damage, while others can spread germs, bite, or sting. And lots of pests reproduce with incredible speed. Typical pests found in Boise include cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents such as mice and rats, and centipedes, and scorpions. Ticks and spiders are common, too, and each of these critters can pose threats to your family or property in their own unique ways.

Cockroaches are notorious for spreading germs around food and dining surfaces, while ants can take over your kitchen and pantry. Mice and rats are both destructive chewers and germ spreaders. As for ticks, centipedes, scorpions, and spiders, they can all bite or sting with often painful results. Luckily, Orkin can help manage all of these troublesome pests with swift, reliable pest control in Boise.

Termites are also endemic to Boise, and they can be extremely destructive. These little invaders can breach your property through any tiny opening at any time. Once inside, they can grow their nests to enormous sizes over months or years while quietly destroying your home from the inside. Orkin's Boise termite control team is ready to help — our inspectors assess your property and report on the damage done before creating a tailored termite treatment plan.

Orkin technicians may use a range of prescribed remedies to help manage the termite infestation, including filling foam, bait, liquid barrier spray, and other advanced options. We can also monitor the termite problem to help prevent future issues.

Bed bugs are downright nasty little insects. Just a few of these tiny, blood-sucking pests can reproduce until they number into the thousands and have latched onto your bed, couch, and other upholstered surfaces. Luckily, Orkin offers effective Boise bed bug control options and can help manage these invaders in your home. Our technicians work swiftly with targeted, science-backed measures to help get rid of bed bugs in your Boise home as thoroughly as possible. Bed bug treatment should be delivered by experienced professionals for the best results, and our technicians are ready to help you and yours.

If pests have started to invade your home, don't wait; call Orkin today to learn more about our portfolio of pest services.

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