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Champaign residents are not the only ones to call it home — sometimes they have to share it with unsightly "roommates." When it comes to pest control in Champaign, there's no one better for fast, reliable pest assessment and treatment than Orkin.

Champaign residents are no strangers to invasive pests, as the humid atmosphere and large city population make for an ideal breeding ground for various unwelcome guests.

Cockroaches, for instance, are known to carry diseases that can harm you and your family. They hide anywhere with a plethora of water, food, and shelter, which is why you can spot them in kitchens and bathrooms most often.

When cockroaches shed their shell, these casings can trigger respiratory issues such as asthma. In addition, their bacteria-laden bodies can contaminate food supplies and kitchen prep surfaces.

Rats and mice can damage many structural components of a house through their insatiable chewing. They can also spread diseases and filth-borne illnesses, through contaminated food or contact with their droppings.

Ants, crickets, silverfish, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders are other common pests in the Champaign area. Some are nuisances; others can be downright dangerous. Not sure if the critter you’ve found poses a threat to humans? Visit our Pest Library to find out more about the different pests in Champaign.

Through investing in training and educating our specialists, we’ve made certain that they’re equipped to deal with any pest invasions and are more than up to speed on home pest control. Orkin technicians arrive at your property knowing exactly what they're up against and the most effective way to handle it.

Trust the professionals at Orkin to help manage any pest problem you're facing. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services in Champaign.

Each year, massive amounts of accumulated structural damage is caused by termites in the U.S. alone. Although these creatures prefer living in moist soil outdoors, they often find their way inside your house. Termites feed on woody materials, which makes homes a perfect place to set up camp. Usually found in bathrooms, attics, and basements, termites love dark and moist environments.

Termite control in Champaign is simplified with Orkin. If you suspect termite issues, call Orkin for an inspection immediately.

When we come to assess your property, our inspector will use the best tools in the game, such as IR and moisture monitors, that make it easier to spot where the termites are hiding.

Orkin termite treatment in Champaign involves a combination of products, such as dry and liquid foam and barrier protection methods, to target the existing bugs and help prevent re-entry into your home.

If you are experiencing red bumps accompanied by burning or itching, it's time to enlist the help of professionals to get rid of bed bugs in your Champaign home. An Orkin technician will assess your entire home to find where bed bugs are lurking and perform targeted Champaign bed bug treatment.

These awful critters multiply quickly, which means your family's comfort and safety are at risk the longer you wait. Rely on the skilled technicians at Orkin to quickly and effectively manage your bed bug problem. Contact us right away for help with bed bug control in Champaign.

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