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Champaign Pest Pressure

Located south of the Windy City, the city of Champaign, Illinois, is home to a plethora of parks, museums, shops and things to do. Residents aren’t the only ones who call Champaign home, though. Unsightly pests like termites thrive in Champaign due to its climate and the city’s population. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, it’s estimated that termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage annually. These pests generally live outdoors and underground in moist soil; however, termites can find their way into homes via tree branches or by entering shoddy foundations. They feed on cellulose-based and woody materials, which makes homes and other structures a target. Baits, termiticides and wood treatments can be used to treat and prevent the pests; however, residents who suspect an infestation of termites are urged to call a pest control professional right away. Residents can also be proactive about pest control by scheduling a yearly inspection with a professional to insure the home is free from termites.

While termites are not known to cause a threat to human health, another common pest found in Illinois is quite dangerous. Cockroaches are human pathogen-carrying pests that hide out in kitchens and bathrooms where food, water and shelter space is ample. Not only do these pests spread bacteria that causes illnesses and contaminate food and household items, cockroaches can impact respiratory health by triggering asthma and worsening allergies — especially for small children. Champaign’s population and the city’s climate are both factors that affect cockroach populations, as the pest thrives where people are present and seek out shelter indoors during Illinois' colder months. Residents who have spotted a cockroach or who suspect an infestation are urged to call a pest management company right away.

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