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Springfield Pest Pressure

Scavenger Pests
While urban expansion displaces many pests, many of them thrive with the new opportunities people provide. The population of Springfield, IL, offers insects plenty of sources for easy meals. Some eat food scraps, and others feed on residents or their pets. The following pests take advantage of trash and spills:

German Cockroaches
Although they are the most common roach species in Illinois, German cockroaches often manage to hide from Springfield homeowners. The pests’ small size allows them to fit into many crevices close to food. Thanks to spaces under cupboards, appliances, and other protective places, kitchens provide plenty of cover for these unsanitary insects.

Odorous House Ants
Attracted to sweets and protein, even an odorous house ant colony outside may send workers indoors for food. When crushed, these ants release an unpleasant smell that gives them their name. In Illinois, odorous house ant nests frequently appear beneath debris outdoors or in wall voids and under flooring inside.

Blood-Sucking Pests
Cockroaches and ants may be content with raiding Springfield homeowners’ pantries. On the other hand, some insect pests enter homes to feed on the people or animals inside. These include:

Though they typically enter a home on cats or dogs, these pests bite humans as well. Springfield rodents such as rats and mice can also bring fleas inside. The insects are often tough to remove since pesticides need to penetrate deep into carpets, rugs, or furniture to reach flea populations.

Bed Bugs
Experts at hiding in seams and cracks, bed bugs have lots of options for living spaces in a home. Mattresses, sofas, carpets, and picture frames all house these pests as they wait for nighttime to begin feeding on residents. Illinois homeowners usually don’t notice bed bug bites until several days later when marks appear on their skin.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

The Orkin Man was very congenial, explained everything thoroughly, and answered all questions completely. The two other Orkin Men were the most conscientious of any workmen we have ever known. This type of workmanship is very seldom found any longer, and it is very much appreciated.
Peoria, Illinois

I want to thank you, your service manager, and inspector for taking such good care of my mother’s basement moisture control project. Living so far away, it is particularly comforting to know that you are truly looking after her best interest. She has continued to tell me about how great and professional all of you are and how patient you were with an ‘old lady’ by explaining the process and equipment. We, also, appreciate your diligent inspection which found a termite problem in the garage. To be sure, you have secured an advocate in Columbia, Ill. Your service is extraordinary! You are exactly what I expect to see in your organization. I believe that you truly represent, what I understand to be, the best of the Orkin tradition and a testimony to the ‘generational’ efforts of many fine leaders. You do represent what will be a fine future for your company.
Columbia, Illinois

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