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Located on the edge of the Ohio River, Evansville, Indiana, is a hot spot for a range of pest activity. Pests like rodents can thrive in outdoor areas where food, water and harborage sites are readily available, which makes the city of Evansville a target. Rodents were first introduced to the United States hundreds of years ago by ships traveling from Great Britain and other countries. Large port cities and cities located near rivers are still affected by these unwanted travelers today. Rodents can be carriers of disease and they can spread illness through their urine, feces and bites. In addition, rodents like rats and mice can introduce fleas and ticks into the home. These pests typically live outdoors, but they can squeeze through small crevices and cracks to enter a structure. Pest experts recommend sealing up these small openings with steel wire mesh or caulking to help keep the pests from gaining entry. While many residents may turn to poisons or traps, these methods can sometimes prove to be ineffective. Residents who suspect a rodent infestation should contact a locally licensed pest expert right away.

In addition to rodents, other unsightly creatures plague Evansville and the surrounding areas. According to the Illinois Department of Health, carpenter ants are one of the most common household pests throughout the Midwest. Colonies of these ants can nest in the wood of homes and structures; however, unlike termites, carpenter ants do not feed on wood or other cellulose-based materials. This is good news for Evansville homeowners because these ants typically don’t pose a significant threat to a structure’s integrity. However, their presence may become a serious nuisance problem. If an infestation is suspected, Evansville residents are urged to contact a pest control expert. These professionals inspect and assess the infestation, implement a treatment plan and monitor the site to help get rid of pests.

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