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Located near Indiana’s western state border, the city of Terre Haute is a hot spot for a range of pest activity. Many types of pests thrive where people live, and Terre Haute’s sizable population makes it a possible target for pests like cockroaches. Known to survive for more than a week or longer without food sources, roaches are resilient creatures. These unsightly pests can be found hiding out in dark spaces during the daytime hours, coming out at night to feed. Typically spotted in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, cockroaches are attracted to moisture that they need to survive.

Pest management specialists urge Terre Haute residents to eliminate any points of excess water, such as leaking pipes, to help prevent the pest. Residents who suspect an infestation of cockroaches should take the situation seriously, as cockroaches can trigger respiratory illnesses. Terre Haute residents should keep a tidy living space, restaurants should aim to maintain clean kitchens, and city parks should store all waste in sealed containers to help prevent roaches. If a roach infestation is suspected, individuals are urged to contact a licensed pest management expert. Baits and home remedies may not be enough to control the pest.

In addition to cockroaches, another resilient pest that can be found throughout the region is the beetle. There are more than a quarter million species of beetle across the globe. Beetles come in many colors, shapes and sizes, and they can feed on anything from plant materials to animal fiber. They can be found both indoors and outdoors, and can be a nuisance around Terre Haute. Beetles can destroy gardens and eat up carpets and linens. Flour beetles and grain beetles can even make a meal out of the foods stored in the pantry. Keeping a clean home is key to helping keep beetles out. However, if an infestation seems to be worsening, residents are urged to contact a professional who follows an IPM approach.

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