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Subterranean termites damage homes and other buildings in Cedar Rapids, IA. Infestations occur when the pests build their nests and foraging tunnels leading to homes, especially where wood is in contact with the soil. They can enter houses in massive numbers, feeding on timber as well as paper products and cardboard boxes commonly found in basements. Worker termites -- the ones that consume wood and wood-related products -- are creamy white and wingless, whereas swarmers are larger, black, and have wings so they can fly and create new colonies. While termite infestations can be hard to spot, flying swarmers are a sure sign of an infestation, as they are only produced by well-established colonies.

Each year, spring flooding of the nearby Cedar River brings a massive uptick in the mosquito population of Cedar Rapids. Despite recent attempts to construct levies and dams, as well as a city-wide mosquito monitoring operation, the bloodsucking pests still thrive. As mosquitoes can spread dangerous viruses like West Nile, homeowners should do all they can to discourage them from gathering in yards. A mosquito needs only a small amount of water to breed, so removing any standing water from the property, even puddles in old tires or buckets, can be helpful in disease and pest prevention.

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