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Waterloo Pest Pressure

Periodic flooding of the Cedar River creates pockets of standing water throughout Waterloo, IA, which happen to be the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Once grown, female mosquitoes feed on human blood, becoming frequent guests at outdoor gatherings. More seriously, their biting can spread diseases like the West Nile and perhaps Zika viruses. Due to the high moisture levels in the city, diligent control of mosquitoes is imperative to reducing the risk of outbreaks.

Yellow jackets are another flying pest that complicate summertime fun in Waterloo. Their knack for building nests near areas where people congregate and their attraction to the sugars and trash cans found at warm-weather barbecues often brings them in close conflict with humans. When yellow jackets feel threatened, they are known to sting multiple times. This is especially dangerous for people allergic to their venom, as they could go into anaphylactic shock.

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