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The capital city of the state of Kansas, Topeka is a hot spot for a wide range of pest activity due to its climate, population density and geographical location. While tiny pests like bed bugs make headlines when spotted in big city hotels, cities aren’t the only spots where bed bugs can make themselves at home. Bed bugs can survive in a variety of public spaces, including gyms, universities, hospitals, daycare centers and even Topeka-area homes. These reddish-brown, biting pests are not known carriers of disease; however, their bites can cause redness, swelling and irritation. To help prevent bed bugs in the Topeka area, city leaders have taken action to provide residents and landlords with information concerning how to help treat and prevent bed bugs. Removing clutter and cleaning at home are just two of the ways residents can help prevent these pests. Other treatment and prevention measures may require the help of a local and licensed pest control expert.

In addition to pests like bed bugs, the city of Topeka is home to cockroaches. These pests can endure almost any climate, so the state’s geography and weather do not prevent the roach from living in the area. These pests can hide out in moist areas of the home, which includes the kitchen and bathroom, because these spots can provide food, water and harborage sites. Cockroaches can be a threat to human health as they can trigger allergies and worsen asthma. Plus, if one roach is spotted in the home, many more may be lurking behind the walls. This can make the pest hard to treat. Like bed bugs, roaches may require the help of a pest management specialist.

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