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Lexington is home to so many picturesque horse farms and racetracks, but pests can be running the race to thrive right beneath your feet — or within your walls! Luckily, Orkin’s pest control in Lexington can help you tackle any infestation you're facing. We back up our services with over 120 years of Orkin experience and are fully confident in the results we provide. Our Lexington home pest control can help you protect your family and home from potentially dangerous and destructive creatures, so get in touch today to learn how we can help you.

Residents of Lexington have no shortage of home-invading critters to deal with in their daily lives. A wide range of pests can enter your household at any time, which is why experienced and knowledgeable pest management is so important. Notorious disease-spreaders like cockroaches and mosquitoes can reproduce rapidly and can make your loved ones sick; while rodents like rats and mice in Lexington are incessant chewers and can transmit illnesses. Annoying creatures, including crickets and silverfish, can eat holes through fabrics. Though most eight-legged insects are enough to make your skin crawl, some spiders can also pack a venomous bite.

Orkin provides comprehensive pest management because we understand the biology, behavior, and potential dangers of different species. Our professional technicians can help remove them and come equipped with the award-winning training, know-how, and industry-leading tools to help assess your situation for rapid home fortification measures. Orkin’s Lexington pest control service is prepared to help address your pest problems quickly and effectively.

Termites are voracious burrowing insects that often create nests with millions of inhabitants. Once they’ve settled into your property, these critters can cause enormous structural damage. It’s vital that you engage termite control in Lexington if you suspect their destructive presence. Orkin termite inspectors can assess your situation, then come up with an efficient plan for termite treatment in your Lexington home. Our technicians spring into action with state-of-the-art tools and specialized applications that can include prescribed termite bait, barrier sprays, and void-filling foam. These treatments can help fortify your property against current and future attacks.

Bed bugs spoil restful sleep when they bite and suck your blood. Their presence can even make it hard to fall asleep, for fear of being bitten can cause anxiety. Fortunately, Orkin bed bug treatments in Lexington can help alleviate the stress of these nasty insects. Bites can leave red, itchy bumps and rashes, and scratching them could even lead to an infection. If you find these tiny critters living alongside you, you need professionals who can help you get rid of bed bugs in Lexington straight away. Our technicians can help end your battle with these creatures using advanced Lexington bed bug control methods.

If you’ve been overrun by pests and just want relief, contact Orkin today for professional help.

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