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Orkin service may be available in your area. Please call 877-216-4070 for assistance.

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Orkin service may be available in your area. Please call 877-216-4070 for assistance.

New Orleans Pest Pressure

The year-round warmth and humidity in New Orleans, LA, makes the port city an ideal place for mosquitoes. These pests breed in standing water and swarm residential neighborhoods looking for food. When they feed on people’s blood, mosquitoes leave behind red welts that may itch for several days. Additionally, mosquitoes are known carriers of the Zika and West Nile viruses.

Residents of New Orleans often find infestations of cockroaches and rodents in their homes. Cockroaches primarily gather in kitchens, basements, and laundry rooms. They are filthy pests and spread bacteria wherever they go. Their presence in kitchens can lead to cases of food poisoning, and their shed skins can aggravate the lungs and even induce asthma. Rats and mice defecate in stored food, spread a number of diseases, and cause property damage with their constant gnawing.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

I am pleased to inform you of the excellent score of 100 percent on our pest control program for our recent Randolph Audit. A pest control program can only achieve an excellent rating if the pest control provider manages and understands the concept of integrated pest management. I would like to congratulate the Orkin Man for being our first line of defense and executing our program each and every service visit. Last and certainly not least, let me mention the great attitude that he, also, delivers. He really enjoys what he does.
New Orleans, Louisiana

Today was our regularly scheduled visit from Orkin. The Orkin Man arrived and, after checking on the situation since his last visit, began to work in the kitchen area. Shortly thereafter, I was amazed to find that he had pulled the oven, refrigerator, and movable cabinets away from the wall and was cleaning up and spraying behind them. I found him to be not only professional and competent at his job, but also very pleasant and friendly. This is such a nice difference from what we frequently find in service personnel in this area. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience your company in such a very favorable way.
New Orleans, Louisiana

We would like to thank the Orkin Man, the branch manager, and the district manager for their assistance. They have certainly been true to the ad that states Orkin stands behind its work.
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Orkin Man is to be commended for his professional approach. Orkin is to be complimented for their dedication to good customer service.
New Orleans, Louisiana

With our Orkin Man, I feel you have done us a favor.
Metairie, Louisiana

The management staff of your Gretna branch has been polite, courteous, patient, and prompt. The sales presentation and explanation of the procedures impressed me. I cannot put into words the lasting impression made by the Orkin Man. Orkin should be honored to have such an employee.
Gretna, Louisiana