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Are you familiar with the dreadful feeling of coming home from work and seeing a bunch of cockroaches or ants dancing around the tile floor in your kitchen? Pest control in Hagerstown is not always an easy feat, and Orkin is here to assist you.

For over 120 years, we've helped millions of residents across the country with home pest control, no matter the severity of the case. Orkin's team of knowledgeable Pros delivers state-of-the-art pest management for effective, reliable results.

Contact us to learn more about what Orkin has to offer for pest control services in Hagerstown.

Pest outbreaks vary widely in severity, and we recognize the challenges associated when living in an infested household, no matter how many there are. When our Hagerstown home pest control Pros are involved, you can be rest assured of the quality of our methods.

Hagerstown is home to many of the common pests found all across the country, such as cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents, crickets, silverfish, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders.

Mosquitoes in Hagerstown are especially prevalent in the summer when it can get hot and humid outside. Not only are they a major disease spreader, carrying illnesses such as Zika and the Dengue virus, but they are also a major annoyance to the inner peace of your household and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Ants and cockroaches love making themselves at home in your pantry and breed faster than you'd think. They often contaminate food supplies with their bacteria-filled bodies and are a general nuisance to you and your family.

Our Hagerstown Pros are thoroughly trained and certified before being sent into the field, ensuring that they have a vast knowledge of bug biology, pest habits, and the best treatment methods. We have invested heavily in both education and on-hands learning, with each Pro completing extensive training. Plus, in order to teach local communities more about the different pests that can take refuge inside homes, Orkin has created an extensive online Pest Library for homeowners to use as a reference for reliable information.

You can depend on Orkin to identify your problems quickly and enact a customized Hagerstown pest control plan for your property.

Termites cause millions of dollars of damage to households across the U.S. each year. Don't let your house add to this statistic. If you suspect a termite invasion, contact Orkin to schedule an inspection immediately.

Our Hagerstown termite control inspectors use IR technology and moisture meters to identify high-risk locations throughout your house where termites are most likely to multiply and spread. Using Sentricon® bait solutions alongside dry and liquid foam termite treatment in Hagerstown, we make sure to treat all damp and woody areas of your house and property, such as your bathroom, basement, and outdoor mulch beds. Sentricon bait causes a disruption to termites molting processes, ensuring that they aren't able to mature into adults. Our dry foam solutions are low moisture, meaning that they do not soak into the drywall and don't cause structural damage to wood.

You can count on a detailed report from your Orkin termite inspector alongside recommendations to help keep your house clear of further termite invasions.

It can often be difficult to get rid of bed bugs in Hagerstown. A single female bug can spawn a full-on infestation, which is why we use only the best bed bug treatment in Hagerstown that help eradicate any bed bugs and their larvae in your home. Don't tackle bed bug control on your own; turn to the Pros to treat and manage your problems. Contact Orkin to learn more about how we can help .

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