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The comfortable climate of Salisbury, MD, is attractive to residents and visitors alike but is also inviting to many unwanted pests. In the heat of summer, mosquitoes are prone to interrupt outdoor activities with their itchy bites. These pests have tube-like mouths that are used to pierce the skin of hosts and feed on their blood. While bites are usually irritating for only a short time, they carry other risks. Mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases such as the West Nile and Zika viruses. Both of these illnesses have been reported in the area, but so far it appears that Zika virus has not been locally transmitted.

Because of Salisbury's coastal location, winters can be cold and fierce. This often drives several types of unwanted pests into area homes and buildings. Mice tend to be one of the biggest culprits of winter home infestations in Maryland, seeking warm habitats to build their nests. These pests typically avoid human interaction, spending their time scavenging for food and destroying furniture, walls, and wiring in the process. In addition, mice may harbor several diseases transmissible through contact with their fur, feces and urine.

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