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Your neighborhood Orkin Man offers an advanced pest protection plan, backed by science, for your home using the Orkin A.I.M. Solution. It consists of three steps — Assess: complete a comprehensive inspection; Implement: develop a customized solution; Monitor: provide ongoing protection and communication.

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Bernard Thomas

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Branch Manager

Bernard Thomas

Branch #693

20998 Bridge St
Southfield, MI 48033

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (248) 354-1219

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Detroit Pest Pressure

Nestled in the Great Lakes region, Detroit, MI, has four distinct seasons. While insects roam freely during the spring and summer, they overwinter indoors or in protected outdoor locations when the weather gets cooler.

Fall Pests
In the fall, the following pests invade Michigan homes:

Asian Lady Beetles
These insects look similar to other species of ladybugs and range in color from yellow to red. They may enter Detroit homes in large numbers during cool weather to overwinter. If handled or crushed, an Asian lady beetle releases a foul-smelling liquid from its leg joints.

Box Elder Bugs
Box elder bugs have distinct red markings that stand out against their black bodies. The pests are prevalent even on Michigan properties without box elder trees, although that is their one of their preferred kinds of vegetation. These insects move indoors to escape the cooler months. Box elder bug infestations are harmless but bothersome for homeowners.

Warm-Weather Pests
Warmer temperatures bring more stinging pests to yards and houses. A few of Detroit’s most common include:

Hornets are wasps that thrive throughout the spring and summer in Michigan. These pests can sting repeatedly and are more aggressive than honey bees. After about 10 hornet stings, some people who are hyper-allergic may have life-threatening reactions to the insects’ venom.

Yellow Jackets
Also members of the wasp family, yellow jackets regularly cause more allergic reactions than hornets in Detroit. Typical symptoms include swelling, itching, and pain, though severe allergic responses to yellow jacket stings require immediate medical attention.

Customer Testimonials & Review

We had a major problem with ants in our auto center. I talked to the Orkin Man about it, and he went right over to see what could be done. He handled the problem and took time to ensure the ants do not return. What makes the Orkin Man stand out is his pleasant and positive attitude. He is always willing to go the extra mile. We need more people like him.
Detroit, Michigan

I was a pleasure to do business with the Orkin Man. He knew what our problem with fleas and ants required and went about solving them both inside and out in an aggressive and thorough manner. His extra effort seems to have made a marked improvement. That, in turn, makes for a satisfied customer.
Lincoln Park, Michigan