When creepy, crawly critters make their way into your home, no one is better prepared to handle pest control in Lansing than Orkin. Our technicians are experts at delivering effective, powerful home pest management that's customized to your specific infestation. Orkin has over 120 years of experience backing up our work, so you can feel confident you've made the right call in Lansing for home pest control.

From the tiniest spiders to the biggest mice and rats in Lansing, our highly trained technicians can figure out how pests are getting inside and work to help fortify your home against continued invasions. Many problem pests seek warmth and shelter during cold Michigan winters, including ants and cockroaches in Lansing that carry bacteria and can transmit many food-borne illnesses. Orkin technicians target the intruders already present in your living spaces and seal off points of entry, so others can't sneak their way in.

Our experts know all there is about the lifecycles of pests, which enables them to help deliver the most effective pest control service in Lansing. They can interrupt the breeding cycle of mosquitoes that may transmit viruses like West Nile or Zika and help handle aggressive stinging pests such as wasps or hornets that could build nests around your property. At the first sign of pests, turn to Orkin to help protect your home and family.

Lansing is also home to more than one species of termite, and these critters can cause devastating damage to your property. Termites can enter your home through the tiniest of cracks, build nests, and eat their way through anything made with wood without being noticed for months or even years. This can mean thousands of dollars in property damage. Our Lansing termite control inspectors are available to help with a thorough assessment of your entire property and detailed reporting of damage and termite activity. Orkin termite inspectors can prescribe the best termite treatment in Lansing to help address your specific needs.

Our termite technicians may employ a range of scientifically backed methods on your property, including specialized bait that interrupts the termite molting cycle to help prevent further population growth. We may also use expanding foam in any cracks or crevices to help stop future termite intrusions.

If you're waking up to red, itchy bumps on your skin, you may need help to get rid of bed bugs in your Lansing home. While you could attempt a DIY solution, you may be unmatched against these nasty pests that can multiply into a full-scale infestation in just months. Orkin offers advanced bed bug control in Lansing with fast, targeted solutions. Don't let these blood-thirsty pests feast on your loved ones without consequences. Contact Orkin for Lansing bed bug treatment — we promise quick action and reliable results.

If you're struggling with a pest infestation, seek professional assistance before the situation worsens. Call Orkin now to find out how we can help.

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