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St. Louis Pest Pressure

Stinging Pests
Hot summers and a large population attract a variety of pests to St. Louis, MO. Some outdoor stinging insects that residents deal with include:

Paper Wasps
A familiar sight in Missouri, paper wasps create wood fiber nests. Eaves, roofs, and other overhangs are a common place to find them. Homeowners should avoid approaching a paper wasp nest, as these pests can sting multiple times while defending their colonies.

Yellow Jackets
Unlike paper wasps, yellow jackets often build nests underground. St. Louis property owners might encounter these insects when mowing lawns or gardening. Seeing a swarm close to the ground is a good sign of a yellow jacket nest. This species will sting if threatened or disturbed and can be especially territorial.

Biting Pests
St. Louis residents themselves can also draw some pests. Homeowners may notice indoor biting pests like:

Bed Bugs
As pests that feed on human blood, bed bugs flock to big cities like St. Louis. Traveling, moving, or even buying used furniture and clothes may bring these pests into homes. The insects hide in mattress seams and bed frames during the day and bite residents while they sleep. Bed bug infestations develop quickly and are tough to remove.

Kissing Bugs
Pets typically carry these pests into Missouri homes. Kissing bugs feed on human or animal blood and eat bed bugs. This insect commonly bites a sleeping person’s lip, causing swelling or blistering. A kissing bug can spread a serious condition called Chagas disease to humans through its waste feces.