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Las Vegas Pest Pressure

Residents of Las Vegas, NV, enjoy hot, sunny days almost year-round. The shortness of the cold season means the following pests remain active throughout the year:

Year-Round Pests Mosquitoes

Since mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to develop in, their infestations often appear around Las Vegas lawns and pools. Once they start to reproduce, the insects become a serious annoyance and may also become transmitters of mosquito-borne diseases. A mosquito feeds on blood and leaves an itchy bump behind when it bites.


Several species of hornets live in Nevada and bother homeowners. The pests build their nests under roof eaves, inside attics, in trees and even within hollow spaces in the ground. If they're disturbed, these wasps will attack. Stings are painful for most people, but they can be deadly to those with hornet allergies.

House Pests

Several types of Las Vegas pests get inside residents' homes and cause trouble. Some of the most common include:

Pantry Beetles

This category of pest includes local insects such as the confused flour beetle and drugstore beetle. Because pantry pests lay eggs in packaged goods, Nevada residents often unknowingly bring these insects into their homes. Once eggs hatch, the larvae inside spread to other stored foods in pantries and cupboards, contaminating more products.

Bed Bugs

Like any big city, Las Vegas has its share of bed bug problems. These pests can hitchhike from one home to another in crowded areas, sneaking into luggage or latching onto clothing. Bed bugs hide in the seams of mattresses or the cracks in headboards, plus other protected locations and wait to feed. Their bites may cause itchy skin rashes for those affected.

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