Pests thrive in Albuquerque’s desert climate, but Orkin can help prevent them from invading your home and manage them if they’re already there. With more than 120 years of experience, Orkin offers home pest control in Albuquerque that's reliable and effective.

Our state-of-the-art, innovative treatment plans begin with investigating your pest problem and helping find the right solution while keeping watch on the results. Whether you’re having trouble with tiny house guests that won’t leave, or you see your first cockroach and want to nip an infestation in the bud, Orkin's Albuquerque pest control service is the company to trust.

Cockroaches head the list of pests in Albuquerque. They spread disease and multiply at warp speed, so before you know it, you see them everywhere. Cockroach feces appear as pepper-like specks, and this waste, as well as their saliva, can transmit E. coli and Salmonella bacteria. Orkin works to help fortify your home against these dirty little pests.

Ants are common intruders in Albuquerque homes and can track filth and germs into your food storage and prep spaces. Other pests tend to lurk outside, like mosquitoes and ticks, but these bugs can carry diseases like canine heartworm, Equine Encephalitis, and Lyme disease. Orkin's highly trained technicians know just how to help handle every type of insect around your property.

Listening to a cricket “singing” inside the house can disturb your relaxation time or a good night's sleep. Silverfish, another nuisance pest, are commonly found in attics, damp basements, and bathrooms, and often gnaw into boxes and bags, and can damage books and clothing. Albuquerque’s desert environment is chock full of biting and stinging pests like spiders and scorpions. Luckily, Orkin can deliver high-quality pest control in Albuquerque to help keep troublesome critters at bay.

Arguably one of the more destructive insects in the Albuquerque area, termite infestations can result in thousands of dollars in repair work on your home. Because termites can inflict severe structural damage over time, the sooner you seek Albuquerque termite treatment, the less harm these nasty creatures can cause. A thorough assessment of your home by one of our knowledgeable inspectors, followed by applications of proven products, forms the core of Orkin's Albuquerque termite control program.

While some treatments are available at hardware, garden, and home improvement stores, an attempt to manage termites yourself may not work in the long term. Physical barriers, like expanding foam, can be successful in blocking entry into your home, while bait stations and perimeter spray solutions can target active insects. Different termite species vary in their breeding and nesting habits, so Orkin termite inspectors are trained to help identify the type of termite and prescribe the most appropriate individualized treatments based on your situation.

If the comforts of home have disappeared due to a pest presence, don't hesitate; contact Orkin today.

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