Are you facing pest problems? Luckily, Orkin offers an advanced, science-backed pest control service in Winston-Salem. We have highly trained pest control technicians who are familiar with pests common to your local area. Our Winston-Salem home pest control professionals are experts in the behaviors of a wide range of pests that pose threats to your home and loved ones. In short, Orkin has over 120 years of experience in pest management and the tools necessary to offer outstanding pest control in Winston-Salem.

Winston-Salem enjoys a humid and hot climate, which makes it an easy location for pests to thrive. For example, homes, carports, basements, garages, and yards can quickly become the staging area of an infestation. Prevalent pests in Winston-Salem include cockroaches, ants, crickets, silverfish, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders.

Cockroaches in Winston-Salem are a health hazard because of their ability to carry diseases that can be passed onto humans — these pesky critters can trigger asthma symptoms and can transmit nasty foodborne diseases. Ticks carry harmful diseases, including Lyme and spotted fever, which can have devastating effects on humans. Our skilled Orkin inspectors in Winston-Salem will assess your home and develop a comprehensive plan to help manage pests and prevent them from coming back.

Ants can quickly take over moist and dry wood spaces, gaps, and crevices in a variety of locations around your home. Some ants burrow and cause costly damage to wood structures around your property, while others spread bacteria when they travel throughout your living spaces. Orkin offers effective home pest control in Winston-Salem to help protect your home from pests in unwanted areas.

Silverfish and crickets in Winston-Salem look threatening, but they are mainly an annoyance rather than a health hazard. Crickets can chirp incessantly, while an infestation of silverfish can result in chewed holes in fabrics and papers. Meanwhile, stinging pests such as bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets can trigger dangerous reactions for those who are allergy prone.

With several species of venomous spiders common in the Winston-Salem area, a spider infestation can put you and your loved ones at risk. Orkin has the knowledge and expertise needed to help fortify your home and help you regain peace of mind.

Termites are a ravenous pest in Winston-Salem and repairing their destruction can take a big bite out of your wallet. These ravenous bugs can spread undetected, and a termite infestation can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Our termite control in Winston-Salem includes an investigation of your home by an experienced Orkin inspector. They provide a comprehensive report outlining your termite problems and prescribe the most appropriate measures to help treat your property. We prescribe and use a range of Winston-Salem termite treatment methods backed by science, such as liquid termite treatments, Orkin Dry Foam®, and Sentricon® bait, to manage active termite colonies.

If you’re seeking to evict some unwanted tiny tenants, our Orkin inspectors have the expert knowledge to thoroughly investigate potential pest problems. Meanwhile, our technicians help protect your home and fortify it to help keep pests out in the future. Contact us for help with all your Winston-Salem pest problems today.

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