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Bartlesville Pest Pressure

Warm summers, and mild winters make Bartlesville, OK, a prime spot for mosquito and tick infestations . Mosquitoes breed in nearly any standing water source including local ditches, storm drains, and ponds. These pests can infect humans with dangerous viruses such as West Nile and encephalitis virus. Also potential disease carriers, ticks thrive in Oklahoma woods, tall grassy areas, and shrub areas. Although not common in Oklahoma, these pests can transmit Lyme disease , which causes rashes, fatigue, and fevers.

Bed bugs hitchhike into Bartlesville homes on luggage, clothes, and furniture. Once inside, they establish themselves in the cracks and crevices of mattresses, headboards, and couches. Bed bugs bite residents to feed on their blood. They also leave red stains on linens and mattresses when crushed.

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  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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