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Mauldin Pest Pressure

Summers in Mauldin, SC, draw many pests such as various species of ants and cockroaches. Argentine ants are one of the most common ant species in the city. These ants like sweet foods, moisture, and nest in damp soil around homes, as well as under buildings, in basements, and within walls with leaky pipes. They are known for marching in line, one behind the other, and invade kitchens looking for sweet foods. Cockroaches are also fond of moisture and gather in basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and under kitchen sinks. The pests spread lots of bacteria and can even aggravate asthma in residents.

Hornets and bed bugs are also found in Mauldin. Aggressive pests, hornets attack and sting anyone who gets too close to their hives. Since they live in backyards and parks, this happens often. The venom in their stings can be a serious health risk to allergic individuals. Bed bugs are brought into homes often via luggage or secondhand furniture. The pests hide on mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and other protected areas of cracks and crevices, coming out of their hidden locations at night to feed on people's blood.

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