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Everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes the pests. Even though Abilene is not a big city, there is no shortage of pest activity around the area. One such pest that calls Texas home is the ant. Different species of ants can be found in the United States and over 210 species can be found in Texas, according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Many types of ants may be considered lawn pests, but some ants, like red imported fire ants, can pose a risk to humans, especially small children and pets, because of their stings and bites. Experts advise avoiding areas where red fire ants are present. If Abilene residents find a mound on their property, Texas Parks & Wildlife suggests using the least toxic chemical control available to help treat the pests. However, more often than not it will take the experience and knowledge of a pest management professional to effectively rid the area of these ants.

Another outdoor pest that can be found in the state of Texas is yellow jackets. These insects tend to be more active during the spring and summer months when residents spend a lot of time outdoors. To help avoid being plagued by yellow jackets when outdoors, experts advise Texas residents to cover food, especially fruit and soft drinks, while eating outdoors as these insects are drawn to sweets. While they do not spread disease, their stings can be painful. Pest control experts suggest using traps to help get rid of yellow jackets in addition to keeping the home and outdoor space clean, as they can feed on leftover food scraps and crumbs. In addition, routine inspections can be done to help address a potential infestation and treatment options.

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