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El Paso Pest Pressure

El Paso, TX, has a varied climate. Its hot summers and dry winters sometimes include snow, thunderstorms, and sandstorms.

Moth and Beetle Pests

Homeowners in the area may spot the following pests moving indoors to exploit more favorable conditions:

Indian Meal Moths

Adult Indian meal moths flying around kitchens typically indicate a problem. Once hatched, larvae live in, consume, and pollute stored grain and products until they mature. While the pests don't carry disease, infestations result in costly food waste for El Paso residents.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetle larvae eat materials like leather, wool, and feathers, so furniture and decor are prone to damage. The adults are harmless, but their presence often points to carpet beetle larvae, which damage items by their feeding, elsewhere in the house.

Fly Pests

Warm weather in Texas is perfect for leaving windows or doors open and enjoying the breeze. Insects frequently use these gaps to move inside and infest kitchens. Common nuisance flies in El Paso include:

Fruit Flies

These insects feed on fermented foods such as overripe produce or organic matter found in drains. They also reproduce quickly, making fruit fly infestations difficult to control. The pests are mostly just a nuisance to homeowners, but fruit flies cause widespread damage to citrus crops in Texas.

Blow Flies

Blow flies enter homes to consume meat or carrion. Finding the insects indoors usually indicates a dead rodent, bird, or other animal trapped in a wall void or attic. Because blow fly larvae feed on unsanitary items, they can bring disease-causing germs into El Paso homes.

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