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Household Pests

While the winters are mild in Houston, TX, pests still enter houses in search of food or warmth during cooler months, during excessive rain and when it become too hot outdoors. Cities in Texas with dense populations often encounter home-invading insects. Typical kitchen and pantry pests include:

Drugstore & Cigarette Beetles

These flying insects flock to windows and lights. The most common pantry pests in Texas, drugstore and cigarette beetles have rounded bodies with brown or red coloring. Like other pantry invaders, drugstore and cigarette beetle larvae, not the adults, feed on stored goods. Their diet includes:

  • Beans
  • Flour
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
Rice & Granary Weevils

Both of these pests forage for processed grains, such as pasta or cereal. Rice weevils can invade homes by flying inside through doors or windows, but the granary weevil is not capable of flight. However, rice and granary weevil infestations usually begin with infested food packages brought into the home.

Fabric Pests

In addition to pantry pests, some species of beetles enter houses to feed on fabric. Pests that target cloth and textiles in Houston include:

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetle infestations often destroy fur, feather, and woolen items. These household pests may damage synthetic materials as well as natural fibers. Adult carpet beetles travel along window ledges in the spring to enter Texas homes. Although not common, direct contact with them may cause skin irritation.

Hide Beetles

In Houston homes, the hide beetle eats leather goods as well as foods like bacon and cheese. When fully grown, they are relatively large with dark brown to black coloring. Mature hide beetles can even bore into wood. Infestations typically start due to rodent or bird carcasses trapped inside wall voids.

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