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Odessa Pest Pressure

Indoor Pests
Population density in Odessa, TX, makes the area an ideal place for insects to invade homes. Hot summers and mild winters allow pests to survive throughout the year, so homeowners often see little relief. The following species that come indoors can contaminate surfaces and stored goods:

American Cockroaches
American cockroaches enter Texas homes via cracks and holes in foundations, gaps around doors and sometimes through sewer lines and drains. They prefer moist, dark spaces like basement corners and the undersides of appliances. An American cockroach is capable of carrying bacteria that causes food poisoning.

Blow Flies
Blow fly larvae develop in spoiled meat and garbage. Seeing this pest in an Odessa home may indicate a dead animal carcass stuck in a wall void. Because these insects live and feed on rotten organic material, blow flies can easily spread pathogens to people.

Biting Pests
Warm weather also brings various biting pests to urban parts of Texas. Aside from causing painful reactions, some can also transmit illnesses or trigger allergies. People living in Odessa may deal with pests such as:

Lone Star Ticks
The lone star ticks feeds on the people and animals that it comes across outdoors. A blood meal is necessary for the pest to complete its life cycle. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis Southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI) and tularemia are transmitted by the bites of infected lone star ticks.

Bed Bugs
Common in houses and apartment buildings, bed bugs aren’t known to transmit diseases. Their bites create itchy, red welts and may lead to infections or allergic responses. Odessa homeowners can detect bed bug infestations by looking for dark stains or flat, oval-shaped pests with six legs in mattress seams and many other locations.

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