Fight your household pest infestations as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems later on with Orkin’s advanced home pest control in Chesapeake and its suburbs. Orkin's Chesapeake pest control service team is ready to investigate any issues and create a customized pest treatment plan that’s right for your home.

Chesapeake is just like most cities; there are plenty of pests looking to share spaces with humans. Unfortunately, many of them can be harmful to structures, people, and animals. Some examples of common Chesapeake pests include cockroaches, ants, mosquitos, rodents such as mice and rats, crickets, silverfish, ticks, and spiders.

Mice, rats, and cockroaches in Chesapeake can be mobile spreaders of disease and germs, while mosquitoes can transmit a range of viral illnesses. Stinging pests can trigger dangerous allergic reactions in some people, and ticks are disease carriers as well.

Termites are no strangers to Chesapeake and the surrounding area, either. These tiny burrowing insects can slip into your property through any available crack and grow their nests to enormous sizes over months. Eventually, they can cause expensive structural damage to anything made of wood or wood fibers. Orkin's Chesapeake termite control services are designed to address active colonies, and our inspectors can assess the extent of your termite problem, prescribe a custom treatment plan, and take steps to help prevent issues down the road.

Orkin's termite treatment in Chesapeake uses advanced techniques that manage termites as effectively as possible. Our technicians may use prescribed filling foam, specialized bait, liquid barrier sprays, and other industry-leading methods to help crush your termite problem.

Bed bugs can infiltrate any home. Just a few of these tiny critters entering your beds or other soft surfaces can breed until they reach a population of thousands in a few months. Once they do, beware. Bed bugs love to drink blood, and their bites cause red, irritating bumps and rashes. If you notice signs of these blood-thirsty bugs, don't hesitate. Contact a reliable pest management service immediately.

Fortunately, Orkin's bed bug control in Chesapeake can help you stop these tiny creatures. Our technicians examine all areas of your home where bed bugs may hide, and technicians perform targeted applications that help you get rid of bed bugs in your Chesapeake home. Orkin customizes our management of bed bug invasions carefully, and our bed bug treatment is carefully calibrated to help deliver powerful results against these disturbing insects.

Don't let pests get the best of your home or family. There's no such thing as calling too soon when it comes to fighting these creepy critters — contact Orkin for pest control in Chesapeake now before the invaders get too cozy.

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